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Striking at Perfect Angle is Key

The angle in which the golf ball is struck is rarely understood.

FACT: The majority of golfers create an outside-to-in swing path.  This may also be referred to as an “over the top move”.  What this means, in the simplest of terms, is the clubhead is not swinging towards the target.  If this is the case, major compensations will have to be made to get the ball to go anywhere near the intended target.  The good news is this dreaded affliction can be cured.  However, first we need to understand how to properly contact the golf ball.

Take a golf ball and draw a line down the middle of the ball.  Now set the ball on the ground, pointing the line towards your target.  Next, take a club and address the ball as if you are going to strike the ball.  Take a look at the ball and tell me where you intend to make contact with the ball.  At least 90 percent of you would say you make contact with the middle back of the golf ball on the line that is pointing at the target.  Great guess, but probably incorrect.

In the photo below, the green arrow represents the path the clubhead will take if the ball is struck in the middle of the back of the ball.  Notice that the arrow is turning away from the rope which represents the target line.  The clubhead is now traveling towards your body, which is going to force your body to raise up to get out of your own way, causing numerous swing errors.  Bottom line is that the clubhead is never moving towards the target.

Now let’s look at the white arrow.  This arrow shows the club striking onto the inside back of the ball, or inside of our line on the ball.  Understand that the ball is contacted with a slightly open clubface.  The ball is then compressed as the club squares.  The white arrow path now extends the clubhead down the target line which is going to extend your arms toward your target as well.  The arm extensions will force your body to move forward into a new found balanced position.

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