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Choosing the Right Golf School

Have you been doing your research? There are many golf schools to choose from. Ask a few questions before you decide.

1. Is the director of instruction going to be my primary instructor?
Many golf schools promote a big name instructor. Be aware that you may never meet this person, much less have him or her work with you.
Glen Davis Golf School:
Glen Davis will be your primary instructor working directly with each student.

2. Is the main objective of the school to sell me golf clubs?? Or have me attend again?
You guessed it!
Glen Davis Golf School:
If you desire information about what equipment best suits you, we will gladly assist you. Our main objective is to give you a better understanding of your golf swing and how to better your game.


3. What are we going to work on?
If you have done your homework, you will notice that a lot of schools have a preset agenda. Think about that for a moment; that is like going to the doctor and have the doctor dictate the nature of the visit.
Glen Davis Golf School:
Each student is an individual with different needs. We personalize a program for you to meet your needs.

4. Price: What am I paying for? What do I want??
Cocktail parties, three digit green fees, or do I just want the best possible instruction without taking out a second mortgage?
Glen Davis Golf School:
We provide the best possible instruction at an affordable price.

5. Staff: Does the Staff picture look like your Graduation Class??
Simple: the more instructors, the more students in a class which greatly limits your time with the lead instructor.
Glen Davis Golf School:
Glen has three hand picked instructors who have been trained by Glen to assist him.





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